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William Fitch

Hello. My name’s William but you can call me Bill or Billy but not Will or Willy, Fitchy’s fine too. I’m a London photographer who specialises in all aspects of corporate and family photography. Events, Family Lifestyle, Weddings, PR & Editorial, and all that jazz. I work throughout this incredible metropolis of ours, with my base in historic Greenwich.

About 'About Me'.
Writing about yourself is probably the most difficult thing to do. It's hard not to wallow in detail and explanation. So, here goes. I'll keep this mercifully brief.

My outlook. My philosophy.

I'm a firm believer in destiny. If you set yourself on a course and keep to it, you will cross the path of fortune many times. But luck will only take you so far. Chances have to be taken. 

My background.
I was never particularly academic early doors. I was a slow burner, who got into further education way after school was out. My interests of literature, contemporary music, and cinema combined and became focused on film making and video production.

It was from film making that my skills as a photographer developed. And, I set out at pace to learn all there is to know about it; a journey of many stops and a myriad of destinations. Quite frankly, it’s where I’m supposed to be in the great time-space continuum. I was born for this.  

On a personal level, I’m in love with the world around me and the people closest to me, my circus of family and friends. I have a passion for technology, science-fiction, and the coast.  

Perhaps the strange ones in the dome, can lend us a book, we could read up alone. And try to get it on like once before, When people stared in Jagger’s eyes, and scored. Like the video-films we saw. 
Bowie. Drive-in Saturday.

And yes. Like everyone else of my generation, I want hover shoes and a ray-gun. I know I'm not the first person to say that but it's true.

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"Finally! A set of family photos that we can be proud of, just lovely pictures. Thanks Billy, for succeeding where others have failed! Now the hard part, selecting which ones to put up around the house."

Mandy Keenan

“Working with Bill has been a pleasure, he always gets a good photo no matter what situation you throw him into. I would especially recommend him at events as then you will see him switch into covert ops mode ducking, diving and crawling around guests to get the elusive shots he needs!”

Sandra Evans
Managing Director, Finsbury Robinson

“I’ve held pen to paper for months now and can’t put what I want to say into words. I’m not a writer. I want to say too much so here’s what I’ve come up with

Oh Billy you’re so fine

You’re so fine you blow my mind Hey Billy”

Annie Mcbride
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About me

William Fitch

Hello, I’m a London photographer who specialises in commercial, family lifestyle, pet and wedding 
photography. I work throughout the greater London metropolis and beyond with my base and my heart in the wonderful Blackheath, Greenwich and Kidbrooke area.

As a General Practitioner or GP of photography with almost a decade of experience; thinking on my feet with little or no margin for error in all types of situations has become my stock in trade.Social and corporate events, weddings and landscapes together with portraiture and business portraiture as head shotsand publicity photographs for artistes all share the honours. Being a photographer is about enjoying photography and celebrating its diversity. That’s what drew me in and has kept me here ever since.All work on site is covered by public liability insurance with the work further guaranteed by professional indemnity insurance and producers’ product guarantees.

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