About me

Hello. I’m William, but I'm good with Bill, or Billy, and I shoot people for a living. I’ll keep this bio mercifully brief, as I prefer to let my pictures do the talking.  

My Outlook, my Values
My outlook on life is eternally optimistic. I believe in
self-determination. You’re the captain of your own ship.  

My Background
It began with after school classes in secondary school, where I got the bug for photography, and it went from there. I spent some considerable time in broadcast video production, running a production company, and ventured into drama at one point.   

My Style
I have a range of styles and experience I bring to a production. Shooting what’s happening in a situation (photojournalism), the right here and now, is a favourite of mine. And I’m equally at home in a studio.
You’ll notice I refer to my work as taking photographs not images, and developing those photographs, not editing them. It’s a personal thing, but ‘image’ and edit’ are soulless, technical terms that belie the magic that is a photograph. My photographs have soul.
Does that make me a romantic? 

What’s in it for You?
Whatever it is, we’ll nail what you want. My clients say I’m reliable, creative, and I deliver a great service.  

My interests in life mostly revolve around cinema, literature, and history. I’m an accomplished aquanaut (SCUBA), a hobby that’s taken me all around the world. I keep myself fit, strong, and healthy, and I love a pint down the pub. All found it’s an appetite for life and the satisfaction of a job well done that aces it for me. That wasn’t too bad, was it?

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Recent Reviews

"I was very pleased that they took pictures at my sister in laws funeral with dignity and respect. They were very kind and thoughtful on the day and made an album for us to remember the day by."

Brian Amis

“Working with Bill has been a pleasure, he always gets a good photo no matter what situation you throw him into. I would especially recommend him at events as then you will see him switch into covert ops mode ducking, diving and crawling around guests to get the elusive shots he needs!”

Sandra Evans
Managing Director, Finsbury Robinson

"I popped round to Bill’s place with the idea of having some photos taken for my casting agencies, who wanted a variety of shots. We got that done and some more too. We had such a laugh. I raided his kitchen in search of ideas and wound up playing ukelele with a frying pan. I’m not sure that’s what they had when they said show your personality off."

Wayne Young
Artiste & Chef
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About me

William Fitch

Hello, I’m a London photographer who specialises in commercial, family lifestyle, pet and wedding 
photography. I work throughout the greater London metropolis and beyond with my base and my heart in the wonderful Blackheath, Greenwich and Kidbrooke area.

As a General Practitioner or GP of photography with almost a decade of experience; thinking on my feet with little or no margin for error in all types of situations has become my stock in trade.Social and corporate events, weddings and landscapes together with portraiture and business portraiture as head shotsand publicity photographs for artistes all share the honours. Being a photographer is about enjoying photography and celebrating its diversity. That’s what drew me in and has kept me here ever since.All work on site is covered by public liability insurance with the work further guaranteed by professional indemnity insurance and producers’ product guarantees.

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