The Workflow from Start to Finish


The consultation will take place in person or over the phone, but here’s a heads-up on what we’ll be discussing and how we’ll go about getting those pictures.

  • What exactly are we shooting and why?
  • What is the intended end use of the pictures?
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • When do you need the project completed by?
  • Who is running the project?
  • Will I be dealing directly with the project manager?


Based on the consultation, I’ll send you an itemised quote. And, if we’re FAB to go, I’ll produce a detailed Production Plan.

Once the shoot is wrapped up, I’ll get to work on crafting the RAW files into the finished article. And, have them delivered in the agreed format on time.


Price - the price you pay for quality

Pricing is determined by factors. My basic hourly rate is £60, and I charge by the half or full day with one-hour increments. This is exclusive of any production costs or licence fees that maybe applicable.

There is certainly more than one way to skin a cat. Photographers offer different price structures, but they all essentially boil down to three things.

  • Travel. I include an hour either side of the shoot to load gear, transport it and park up on-site.
  • Capture (shooting) time at the location or on set, which includes any setting up of equipment, lighting, make-up, props, gaining access to premises etc, and the taking of the pictures of course.
  • Post Capture is the processing of the digital picture files and tarting them up to look their best. This doesn’t include re-touching, which is a slightly different kettle of fish and involves more work. The finished article is then despatched to the recipient in the required format via Drop Box.


Typically, a half-day shoot consists of:

  • 2 hours travel time
  • 2 hours shooting time
  • 1 hour’s editing time
  • That’s five hours at £60 per hour = £300.


A full day is a four-hour shoot and a two-hour edit:

  • 2 hours travel time
  • 4 hours shooting time
  • 2 hours editing time
  • That’s eight hours at £60 per hour = £480



  • I don’t charge for the consultation or the pre-production work on simple projects. For more complex projects involving props, make-up artist (MUA), studio hire, or anything along those lines, I would apply my hourly rate to source and supply them.
  • For other professionals’services, it’s quite usual to have them bill you separately.


Your quote and invoice would look something like this:


A Simple, Small-Scale Production


Item £
Pre-Production Consultation & Planning £0
Production Costs £0
Creative Fee – my fee – half day £300
Licence Fee – if applicable £0
Total £300

 A More Complex, Larger Scale  Production


Item £
Pre-Production Consultation & Planning £180
Production Costs £200
Creative Fee – full day £480
Licence Fee – if applicable £200
Total £1,060


Licences - Usage Rights

Licences – are covered in detail in –section X of the T&C. But, in - In essence – I retain the intellectual property rights to the images I produce for you, even though you have commissioned the work.

You then essentially rent the images from me for a fee, based on their end use and the period you intend to use them for. So, you’ve paid for the production and the use of the products. But you don’t own them.

Furthermore, I have the right to use your images for my own publicity and promotion – up to a point.


Rights Managed user licence.


Licencing Explained (US) Robert Kuah.


Types of Licence



Please provide a credit wherever possible when pictures are published. Photographs by William Fitch Photography.

Why go for a Commissioned Shoot?

A commissioned shoot says a lot about your worth. It's bespoke, and fits like a Saville Row suit.


Creative Commons or Royalty-Free Licences

Please don’t ask for free exposure, a Creative Commons or a Royalty-Free licence agreement. High-quality photographs improve the value of your work. That's all you need.



Discounts are available for repeat business or packages that include a multiple of services (see below).

You can also benefit from a discount on recurring projects, like PR work that keeps your enterprise in the public eye.

Please get in touch for a discussion.



Packages can be assembled from combinations of any types of shooting styles, as there are many intersections. Portraits, and lifestyle make a good combination, as do headshots and business lifestyles. The best place to start is with a chat to get the ball rolling.  

Why not bundle a set of staff headshots, a personal business portrait, and your business environmental – into one with a 10% discount?

About me

William Fitch

Hello, I’m a London photographer who specialises in commercial, family lifestyle, pet and wedding 
photography. I work throughout the greater London metropolis and beyond with my base and my heart in the wonderful Blackheath, Greenwich and Kidbrooke area.

As a General Practitioner or GP of photography with almost a decade of experience; thinking on my feet with little or no margin for error in all types of situations has become my stock in trade.Social and corporate events, weddings and landscapes together with portraiture and business portraiture as head shotsand publicity photographs for artistes all share the honours. Being a photographer is about enjoying photography and celebrating its diversity. That’s what drew me in and has kept me here ever since.All work on site is covered by public liability insurance with the work further guaranteed by professional indemnity insurance and producers’ product guarantees.

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